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 eXo|Tactical Bylaws 
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Post eXo|Tactical Bylaws

eXo was formed as a way to help promote a fun internet gaming experience. The founding members,having all been members of other gaming groups and wanted to limit some of the pitfalls that seem to be inherent in many gaming communities.

Real World First

As fun as a game is, it is still a game. The real world should come first. If you have an issue with family, work or any other real world matter, attend to those first. If you can not attend an event you have committed yourself to, please contact the person in charge of that event and let them know of your
absence. Also, please post a thread in the member forum if you’re going to be away for any extended period.

Governing Policy

eXo is founded on the principle of democracy where the supreme power is vested in the members and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a governing council (hereafter called Tactical Council or T.C.).

Organizational Structure

eXo does not have a ranking system. However, members may have one or more Capital letters following their name designating various functions or distinctions within the organization. These designations are as follows:

(F) Founder – Member of the original founding group.

(C) Tactical Council – The T.C. is comprised of 3 members representing all members of eXo. The T.C. handles issues and renders decisions for the good of eXo. Council representatives are elected via a vote by all eXo members. Elections are held every 4 months and all members, with the exception of Young Guns, have the right to sit and serve on this council. Council members will also possess Moderator access in the Forums.
(C-1.1) In the event of a vacancy, a special election shall be held after posting nominations for 5 days. The member with the most votes of such election shall fulfill the remainder of the term.
The Tactical Council may, at their discretion, spend clan resources not to exceed $50 for purchasing items for the clan or members of the clan experiencing a hardship. These expenditures must be recorded.
The Tactical Council may, at their discretion, waive a members dues for any reason deemed appropriate by the TC. A unanimous vote by the TC members would be required.

(Y) Young Guns – Young guns are those who fail to meet the age requirement but still have ties to eXo through a family member. Young Guns do not pay dues and may not vote or serve in the T.C. They must
observe and adhere to all policies and regulations set forth in this document.

(A) Administrator – This designation is for in-game administrators. They have the authority to perform in-game administration and maintain control. Anyone who has proven to know our rules and regulations as well as have a firm understanding of “rcon” use can take it upon themselves to become an Administrator.

In addition to the above functions there are other designations not identified with a letter or symbol. These functions are appointed by the T.C. and are for life or until the member resigns or until the T.C.removes said office. The offices are as follow:

Accountant: Accountant is responsible for recording the financial state of eXo. The accountant reports to the T.C. on the financial status of eXo on the last day of the month or per request of the T.C.

Historian: Documents and records historical events and milestones.
Mediator: The mediator is responsible for resolving disputes between members. All disputes should be brought to the mediator and he will serve as an arbitrator between the parties. If the issue is not
resolved through this process it can be escalated to the T.C. for resolution. Issues between members should not be discussed with members outside of this process.

Correspondent: The correspondent is responsible for all information related to activities in eXo. He is also the contact person between eXo and other groups with regards to scrimmages and matches. He is the ambassador of eXo.

Rules & Regulations

Age Limit
1.1. A member of eXo has to be at least 18 years of age unless section 1.2. applies.
1.2. A person younger than 18 may join eXo provided a parent of family member is already a member of eXo. Normal recruiting rules applies (see section 11.)

Personal Information
2.1. All members are to disclose their real names, address, and phone number.
2.2. Personal information is for the administrative use of eXo only. This information will not be given, sold, bartered, or otherwise disclosed to any third party.

Clan Tags
3.1. Your proper tag and name should be used at all times while playing on our server unless you qualify under section 3.2.
3.2. Tactical council members may play incognito for administrative purposes only.
3.3. Player names have to be approved under the guidelines of decency and socially acceptable standards.
3.4. Once a name is chosen you are not allowed to change it unless approved by the T.C.
3.5. Names should be displayed in this format; (Yellow)eXo(White)|(Red)yourname(FCY)-A.

Payment Policy
4.1. All members share in the cost of running eXo. Payments are month to month with the exception of section below.
4.2. Payment has to be paid on or before the due date or they risk losing their status as a member of eXo.
4.2. New members to eXo have to pay two months of dues to join. Normal due dates will apply after this two month period is past.
4.3. Payments are accepted through PayPal only. Anyone with a check book or credit card can use PayPal’s service.
4.4. Payments are due on the 1st of each month.

5.1. All members of eXo are expected to have a broadband connection. This can be a DSL, Cable, ISDN, or any other connection that gives you at least this type of bandwidth.

Language Policy
6.1. Excessive use of foul language in an inappropriate context, including swear words, real-world racial slurs, and other language that is not consistent with the family environment is deemed hurtful. If warned by the Administrator, the use of foul language should be terminated immediately.
6.2. 2nd warning is a minor violation. See Section 15
6.3. 3rd warning is a major violation. See Section 15

Respect Policy
7.1. Members and visitors are required to treat each other with respect. Disagreements are fine but don’t let simple disagreements balloon into something more.
7.2. When visiting other gaming environments (game servers, forums, voice comm.) outside of eXo, the members are bound by the rules and regulations of eXo. The only exception to this is when the gaming environment has rules that are counter to eXo rules and regulations.

Voice Communication
8.1. eXo uses TeamSpeak for voice communication. All members are expected to have it installed.
8.2. All members must have a working microphone. Headphones are recommended but speakers can be utilized as long as they don’t cause disruptions with reverb, echo, etc.
8.3. Communication server is for eXo members and invited guests only.
8.4. Password protected channels should never be compromised by providing them to non-members.
8.5. Language and respect policy applies to voice communication. See section 6 & 7.
8.6. Any member has the right to rebuke anyone not following our Language and Respect policy.
8.7. When a participant has been warned and continues inappropriately they will be asked to leave. When asked to leave you must comply with that request.
8.8. If a participant refuses to leave and continues to be disruptive, they can be kicked and banned from voice comm..
8.9. Any player kicked and/or banned from voice communication is subject to a full review by the T.C. and they will determine whether further action is warranted.

9.1. Member and public forums are provided to disseminate information in an easy manner. They are the heart of eXo and where many decisions and concerns are handled. Members are expected to read the forums on a regular basis. This is the easiest and quickest way to keep all members informed on what is going on in eXo.
9.2. Members are expected to vote on eXo issues in the forums.
9.3. Forums are not the place to vent anger and/or insult other members or visitors. This should be handled through the Mediator or through the T.C.
9.4. Language and respect policy applies to forums. See section 6 & 7.
9.5. Spamming is not permitted on forums.
9.6. Everybody loves a good argument but please have a point. Arguing for arguments sake gets old and usually leads to childish behavior.
9.7. Any post concerning participation in any illegal behavior is prohibited.
9.8. Impersonating any member or moderator is prohibited.
9.9. Try to stay on topic.
9.10. Moderators have the right to delete any post or thread deemed offensive or in a bad taste.
9.11. Moderators may from time to time move a thread to the appropriate forum and this should not be read as an attempt at censorship but as keeping the forum organized.

Cheating and Disruptive Play Policy
10.1. Cheats, hacks or general disruptive play on any games will not be tolerated. This policy is in place to protect both member and visitors gaming rights and to provide a pure, honest, and friendly competitive environment. Examples of Disruptive Play: Team Killing, Shooting or Bashing when FF is off,
Spamming - via chat text or voice commands, Verbal attacks on members, visitors, or eXo policies, rules, and server.
10.2. Anti-cheat software such as Punkbuster will be utilized as much as possible to remove the burden of cheat administration from members. However, administrators are responsible for handling situations
during game play that software does not control. Therefore they have the power and right to kick suspected cheaters or disruptive participants at any time. Screenshots of chat or game play can be used as evidence but is not required for administrators to exercise this right. Open discourse between
administrators and individuals under this policy should not be carried out during game play.
10.3. All names and IP’s of players kicked will be recorded and given to the T.C. for review along with an explanation. The council will make a determination on whether a permanent banning is necessary and whether the situation was handled properly.
10.4. Players can follow-up with T.C. when kicked from a server. Prior to doing so they should review eXo rules and regulations to gain a better understanding of the process and rules. They should then submit the necessary inquiry concerning their situation.
10.5. Any individual or group under review will at no time discuss this situation during server play, eXo forums, or with individual members. The T.C. will handle all issues under this policy and render a decision when formally requested.
10.6. If problems continue with select individuals or groups after the T.C. has reviewed and rendered its decision, these individuals or groups will be permanently banned and recorded in a public manner (Hall of Shame). Cheaters detected by anti-cheat software will always be recorded and displayed.
10.7. Cheating by members will not be tolerated.
10.8. Any member caught cheating by anti-cheat software will be banned and stripped of membership immediately. A formal review will be conducted by the T.C. to insure that no software errors occurred due to programming changes or testing. If no discrepancy is found no other review will be conducted and they will be stripped of membership status immediately and their name and IP will be publicly displayed along with an apology by eXo.
10.9. If during game play administrators suspect any member of cheating or consider them disruptive they are subject to action under section 10.2. and immediately brought forth to the T.C. for review. The T.C. will determine the appropriate action concerning a charge of disruptive play. In the case of a
member suspected of cheating, review will take place but proof beyond a doubt must be achieved or membership will be forfeited.
10.11. Any member caught cheating via Punkbuster or other anti-cheat software on other gaming servers will be handled according to section 10.8.

Recruitment Policy / Process

eXo Tactical Clan members are united in the quest to have a fun gaming experience with other Tactical players. The goal while undertaking this quest is to promote fun, adventure, excitement and enjoyment among the members of eXo Tactical.

As part of this quest and goal, members strive to work together to obtain the skills necessary to explore all areas of the game worlds where eXo Tactical has a presence. In the process of working together, members of eXo Tactical form a community of friends and family.

eXo Tactical has established the sponsorship process to allow prospective and active members of eXo Tactical to get to know each other. This period is also designed to allow active members to evaluate whether prospective members display qualities that will enhance the ranks of eXo Tactical. The goal is to see how well a potential recruit/member fits within the eXo family regardless of gaming skills. The limit on concurrent sponsors is 3, with special consideration via membership vote of an additional 2 sponsors at any given time. Making the maximum Sponsors at eXo 5 during any period of time.

To begin the sponsorship process, prospective members must create a message in the recruitment forum posting as described in step three of the application process. They must also complete the required information requested in the recruitment forum. This will serve as an introduction by the prospective member to the active membership of eXo Tactical. The prospective member will next have to await a response to the message board posting by an active member that will agree to serve as a POC (Point of Contact) during the initial review process.

The posting will remain active on the message board for 2 weeks pending a response from a POC. If a response is not received during that time period, the posting will be removed from the message board. This should not be viewed as a rejection of the prospective member, but rather as an indication that the prospective member may need to spend some time befriending and getting to know the active members of eXo Tactical. It is advisable that the prospective member knows a few active members very well and feels comfortable that one of those active members will be a sponsor prior to beginning the application process.

The message board post will be copied into the eXo private forum of the message boards for active members to discuss sponsor assignments. When the active members have had an opportunity to discuss becoming the POC for the prospective member (See POC & Sponsor Requirements below), a POC will be selected and will post a response to the prospective member’s original posting.

During this time period the prospective member should take the opportunity to begin interacting with the active membership of eXo Tactical. Once an active member responds as the POC, the prospective member may be able to continue to fulfill the remaining requirements of the sponsorship process. To allow the active members to further evaluate the prospective member’s acceptance as an active member, the prospective member, with the assistance of their POC and/or Sponsor, should be spending a considerable amount of time playing on-line and getting to know all active members and posting on the forums.

Potential Member Requirements: POC (Point of Contact) Phase
1. Post message in the “Join Us” forum in the public forum area.
2. Complete the required information completely – Not doing so will cancel the request for membership.
3. Wait patiently for a response from your POC.
a. If a response (PM – Private Message) is received, please work only with that member.
b. If a response is not received, do not consider it a rejection. Take the opportunity to get to know some members better and re-apply.
4. Continue playing on the eXo servers and posting on the eXo forums.
5. Meet as many eXo members as possible.

Potential Member Requirements: Sponsorship Phase

1. Once the POC is convinced the potential member is ready he will alert all clan members and someone will step forward as the Sponsor. This may or may not be the POC.
2. Work closely with your sponsor. This is your opportunity to show members that you:
a. Fit our family atmosphere
b. Fit our style of play
c. Set an example for others
d. Follow the rules 100% of the time
3. Learn how PayPal works so you can make you monthly dues payments.
4. Continue playing on the eXo servers and posting on the eXo forums.
5. Continue meeting as many eXo members as possible. (Remember you need 70% approval to become a member)

POC Requirements:

1. Be a member in good standing.
a. Dues are current.
b. Active in clan activities
2. Be willing to lead and teach.
3. Be willing to hand off potential recruits to other clan members for sponsorship
4. Create associated thread in the Sponsorship forum for members to comment on potential recruit (Good and Bad comments please)
5. Limit of 3 POC’s at any time.

Sponsor Requirements.

1. To be considered as a possible sponsor, members of eXo Tactical Clan must meet the qualifications listed below:
2. Be an active member in good standing and not on probation.
3. Not be currently sponsoring another prospective member.
4. Must be able to commit the time to serve as a sponsor and mentor to the prospective member.
5. Aid the prospective member in fulfilling the requirements to attain active membership as outlined in the Sponsorship Process section of this charter.
6. Act as a mentor to the prospective member by providing answers to questions, helping them to become familiar with eXo Tactical and making the transition to active membership.
7. Present recruit for membership vote.
8. Create Poll in the Voting forum
8.1 First vote will be in "Yes"/"No"/"More Time" format.
8.2 Second vote will be in "Yes"/"No" format.
8.3 Voting will be open for one week after posting.
8.4 A failed first vote will default to more time, a failed vote being a vote where any option failed to reach 70%.
8.5 A sponsor will pass out of sponsorship with a passing "yes" or "no" vote accordingly.

Sponsorship Requirements
12.1. Participate in inter-Clan scrimmage. The prospective member’s sponsor must accompany them in the scrimmage for it to be counted towards the requirements. The sponsor must post a message topic in the Members' Private Forum for the prospective member to receive credit for the scrimmage attendance.
12.2. Have a brief interview regarding membership and involvement in eXo with one of the Tactical Council members or one of the Founders. The time and location of this interview may be arranged via eXo’s message board. The requirements listed above are intended to provide a guideline of the minimum
participation required, while more participation is not required, it is strongly encouraged. The main objective to be considered is the opportunity for the prospective member to interact with the highest possible number of active members of eXo.
12.3. The sponsor and all other active members will provide feedback regarding interactions with the prospective member by posting to the appropriate message topic in the Members’ private forum. If further feedback and evaluation is required, the sponsor will be informed of the necessary, additional requirements.
12.4. The prospective member, sponsoring member, and active members involved during the recruitment process can not be from the same family (conflict of interest).
12.5. Once all the requirements of the sponsorship process are completed, and a vote from active members is completed, the prospective member will be promoted to active membership in eXo.
12.6. After the new member has been promoted to active membership they will serve a thirty-day probationary period. During this time, if the TC determines necessary, the member may be removed from eXo. However an explanation will be provided concerning removal of membership with no further
requirement to honor any policies in this charter pertaining to an appeal or mediation.

Membership Requirements

To maintain an active membership status, each member must meet and maintain the requirements listed below.

14.1. Each member will follow all rules and policies set forth in this charter and all other eXo forums and systems.
14.2. Members will follow all conditions as set forth in the Bylaws used in conjunction with membership in eXo.
14.3 All members are required to keep their dues current. On the 15th of each month, if a member is not current, the member will receive a PM from the TC as a reminder (this also counts as ‘first contact’ by the TC). If, after a response ‘to’ the TC, the member falls 2 months behind, then the member is automatically placed on LOA (see 14.4), UNLESS the TC has waived or approved of the non-payment. If there is NO response for 60 days from the member to the TC’s ‘first contact’, then that member is automatically Discharged (see 14.6).

Exiting/Returning Membership Requirements

14.4 LOA – Voluntary leave of absence. At the member’s request, or by not resolving late dues, they can be listed in the roster as LOA. This status means a player cannot wear the eXo tags, access the member forums, vote or hold administrative privileges. This status allows the member to return at anytime within 12 months (see 14.5) without a vote* or paying 2 months dues**. Return request must be made to the TC for reinstatement. Upon which, the TC will notify the clan that the member wishes to return and is the the verification process.
*Verification – A member’s status (ie. LOA vs. Retired vs. Discharged) must be verified by the TC. Once the LOA status is verified, and payments (if needed**) are made, the TC will announce the return and update member’s status.
**Exception – Any member who was placed on LOA for dues purposes, shall be required to pay 2 month reinstatement fee.
14.5 Retired – Permanent Leave. At the member’s request, if a member feels that they will not return or will be gone for more than 12 months, then the member shall be listed in the roster as Retired. If a member quits, leaves under anger, or there is an issue involved in their leaving, then this member is automatically placed in Retired status. Retired status means a player cannot wear the eXo tags, access the member forums, vote or hold administrative privileges. Any member in LOA status for 12 months will automatically be placed in Retired status. If a Retired member wishes to return, a request must be made to the TC. Upon which, the TC will notify the clan that the member wishes to return, and is in the verification process. After verification of Retired status, the member will go thru a 1 month ‘evaluation’ period. During this evaluation, the member is given TS and sponsor rights. They are allowed to wear tags with [RS] (Retired Sponsorship). A sponsorship thread will be started for clan discussion. After 1 month, reinstatement goes to a vote. Member must get 70% of the vote to be reinstated. If the vote passes, member must pay 2 month reinstatement fee. Upon which, the TC will announce the return and update member’s status.
14.6 Discharged – Expulsion from the Clan. A member who was removed for an extreme violation (Section 15) or has NOT responded to the TC for 60 days. A member placed in this status may appeal to the TC (15.24). A member placed and verified of this status wants to return, they must go through an application process just as if they were a non-member.
14.7 As always, a member can have their dues paid by another member without impact to their standing within eXo. This can either be an agreement between members or a donation by one member to another. eXo will not be involved in this responsibility or the issues that might result between members with this arrangement.
14.8 Membership dues will NEVER be paid for a member out of surplus funds in the clans account.
14.9 Veto (See Section 15.25) - A veto of membership status must be made within 2 weeks of status placement.

Discipline and Punishment
The following is the official procedure for the Tactical Council to follow given the event that an eXo Member becomes disruptive and disciplinary action must be taken.

Extreme Violation.

15.1. In the event an eXo member transgresses the bylaws for which instant removal is warranted (e.g. Cheating, Non-stop profane abuse in Team Chat), it is within the rights of any the TC or Admin to immediately remove the member from the server environment and ban them. However a formal review
by the TC should be initiated to ensure individual emotions by the TC or Admin did not have bearing on this instance.
15.2. This action should be taken only if absolute certainty of the violation is known (and logged).
15.3. Discussion in Team Speak must happen in an attempt to solve the problem or get more information. This needs to be logged in the correct forum.
15.4. Even in this extreme case, the Tactical Council or Admin should seek out other Tactical Council’s or Admins online in Team Speak before taking removal action. If no other Tactical Council or Admins are online, every attempt to confirm and resolve the transgression should be made before a removal is
15.5. Once the above has been followed and it is felt removal is the only alternative, do so.
15.6. As soon as possible, post all screen shots and information to the correct forum.
15.7. A brief summarization of events should be posted and sent immediately to the Mediator so that it can be presented to the Tactical Council. Major Violation. If a report is received by a Tactical Council or Admin for a major violation (e.g. Harassment in a profane manner, Cheating):
15.8. All parties and witnesses should be talked to about the situation as soon as possible by the Mediator.
15.9. All of this information should be logged and posted in the correct forum.
15.10. A summarized post will be made to the Tactical Council for confirmation of information as well as possible suggestions for resolution.
15.11. If the facts are considered to be true beyond a reasonable doubt, immediate probation of the transgressor is issued, both by email and formally in the forum. This is to be done by the Tactical Council. This process should take no more than a week.
15.12. The declaration of probation is posted to the private forum.
15.13. If any more incidents occur, the transgressor is to be removed immediately.
15.14. A brief summarization of events will be posted first to the forum and soon after to the Mediator and Historian.

Minor Violation.
If a report is received by a Tactical Council or Admin for a minor violation (e.g. Attitude problem, failure to respond to admin requests, in game rule violation):
15.15. The screen shots of the conversation should be posted to the forum and Mediator.
15.16. Discussion of the report begins with the goal of determining whether to pursue it.
15.17. If not pursued, the reporting party is asked to attempt to work out this problem with the other party.
15.18. If pursued, a Tactical Council member is appointed to speak with the offender. This conversation is to be logged and posted to the correct forum.
15.19. If the problem persists, probation is most likely required; however it is up to the Tactical Council to decide if more "talking" should be attempted.
15.20. If probation is given, it is done via email and posted in the private forum by the Tactical Council.
15.21. If any more incidents occur, the offender is to be removed immediately.
15.22. A brief summarization of events will be posted first to the forum and soon after to the Mediator and Historian.


15.23. Probation is a two week period during which the person is watched closely. During this period reports should be made of both good and bad behavior. At any time during this probation, the Tactical Council may decide to remove the person in question...this process is via discussion in the forum. If the person is not removed and the probationary period ends, the officers make a decision whether to extend the probation or reinstate the person.

Removal process.
This policy is intended to be a general guideline for the processes by which someone can be removed from the organization. The purpose is to show that there is a process as well as establish what we believe to be fair dealing.
15.24. In the event of any removal, the removed party has two weeks in which to appeal the removal. All information of the process by which they were removed should be made available to them. It is the Tactical Council‘s discretion as to whether any names are revealed as this is typically a per incident decision. At the end of the appeal period, the person is either reinstated or considered to be banned from eXo.
15.25 Veto - A member who disagrees with actions taken by the TC may appeal to the clan. Each party may share and discuss their sides, and then have it put to a vote. Veto must have 70% of the vote to pass. Otherwise, the TC ruling stands.

Attendance Policy
16.1 Members need to participate and utilize our servers on a regular basis.
16.2 Extended time away should be documented in the forums.
16.3 Dues are required in accordance to section 4 unless approved otherwise by the Tactical Council.

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